Work Experience

What is work experience?

It’s an opportunity to get a taste of the world of work. As we spend so much of our time as adults at work it is important that we enjoy what we choose to do as a career. Work experience is an opportunity to gain a valuable insight into your career, develop new skills, and also an opportunity to add content to your CV. Normally, you will not be paid for doing work experience.

How to find work experience?

Numerous companies offer work experience opportunities. Think about the type of work you would like to do and do some research to those sectors. If you're unsure if a company offers work experience, pick up the phone or send an e-mail to ask. For inspiration, take a look at our 'Opportunities' page.

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After you have found the location where you would like to go on work experience, you may be required to call or email the company to ask or to make arrangements. Here are some suggestions to help you:  

What do you need to keep in mind when going on work experience?

Remember the below points before, during and after your work experience


Remember to research the company before going on work experience This will give the business a good impression and show that you are enthusiastic.


When confirming arrangements, remember to check arrival and departure times, contact name, any questions, dinner arrangements, do you need to wear something special?

Health and Safety

The company will have to do a risk assessment before you attend the site on work experience. Usually the organizer of the work experience and/or the school will ensure this. Remember to listen to all instructions and do any health and safety training the company asks you to do. You may have to wear special clothes.

Keep a diary / Evaluation

It will be a good idea for you to keep a diary of your experiences during the week. You can record what you learned, the skills you developed and the experiences you had. It is possible to record your experiences on the Profi website.

Record your experiences

On the Profi website, you can record any experience you've had e.g. work experience, period volunteering etc. You can also set targets, evaluate the experience and keep your employer's details all in one place.

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Letter of thanks

It’s good practice to send a letter to thank the company after completing a period of work experience This will show the business that you are professional and have appreciated the opportunity. Here are some points to help you:


Before you go on work experience, you need to consider how to make a good impression. Usually, the way
you act in work is different to the way you act with friends or with family You have to act professional and responsible at all times, and follow the workplace’s health
and safety rules If you have successful work experience, the employer will be more willing to
offer a reference for college, work or further training. This opportunity could lead to a job with
the company in the future