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Here's a quiz that measures your skills in the world of work and gives you guidance on how to develop them.


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Developing young people's skills
for the world of work

The Profi programme is here to help you develop your skills in the world of work. We can help you with anything to do with the world of work including …

"Thank you so much for helping me with advice on how to create a CV. I will definitely recommend your service."

Voice of the young people that have benefitted

“A huge thank you for helping me with my cover letter. Your comments were very helpful in creating a successful attempt. “

Voice of the young people that have benefitted

“Your help has helped me further my desired career.”

“Seeing the wide range of work experience inspired me to think about places I had never known before”

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The Profi programme can help you with advice on your journey from school to work.

We are ann enthusiastic team with a wide range of experience supporting young people to develop skills. We feel passionate about encouraging young people to develop their skills and self-confidence.

There are a variety of appealing videos and documents on the site. You can find great tips to give you the best chance to develop skills for the world of work, find opportunities and apply for jobs.

Take time to complete the skills quiz to get to know your skills. There will be a results section that will be unique to you including bespoke advice on how to improve the skills you need for your chosen career.

If you need any specific help, feel free to send a message or pick up the phone. Visit our contact detailsto send us a message!